Before we start negotiating your salary, read this first:

  1. You're different.
  2. We're different.
  3. Everyone's the same.
  1. You're different.

This one is not like the others.

We’re Loan Simple and we’re a different kind of lender. So we tend to hire a different kind of person. We like people who march to their own beat. Look at things from a fresh perspective. And think the key to the whole shabang is working smarter not harder. People who are ultra-corporate or tied to traditional ways of operating tend to be a little too complex for us. So if you’re “a little different” or one of those pesky “free-thinkers” that the big guys really don’t want hanging out in their boardrooms, we might just be the perfect fit.

  1. We're different.

Dolly was right.

Working 9 to 5. What a way to make a living. It’s called a workday for a reason. For us, little league games, fishing trips and hot yoga classes are just as important as turn times and competitive rates. They make life enjoyable. And people who enjoy life tend to tell better jokes in the break room. We like jokes, so we go to great lengths to make sure your workload stays manageable. Best of all, these radical ideas don't mean you can't make bank and maintain a respectable standing in your bowling league. You can. It’s called working smarter not harder. You’re gonna love it.

  1. Everyone’s the same.

The company hug.

We’re all family here, bring it in. Just kidding. You won’t ever be hugged unless it’s professionally appropriate and completely consensual. But we think everyone who works at Loan Simple should enjoy the comfort of having good health insurance, a generous amount of paid time off and a good 401k retirement plan. But the biggest benefit we offer is unlimited opportunity. Everyone gets the same treatment here. Show us you’re a star and we promise that the sky will be the limit.

Are you awesome?

We think so too. Come be with a bunch of other awesome people. Let’s find a spot that’s right just for you.

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